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Starting the Process:


Each client, like each garden, is unique and has specific requirements.  Our clients' input and desires are the most vital part of our design process, and we willingly adapt to instill an atmosphere of comfort and confidence for you.

There are, however, some basic rules of thumb.

After initial contact we will come to your property to discuss your needs and assess next steps. 

In the case of a design and/or installation we will decide on either a formal design or a more simple concept drawing (sketch).  For larger projects a landscape “blueprint” can be reassuring and assists in visualizing the final garden.  For smaller projects one may only need a rough concept of design.  After the design format is decided upon we will present the client with an itemized estimate.

While a concept drawing is done quickly and generally at no cost, a formal design does require a retainer.  This retainer is reimbursed if you choose to move forward with the project using our installation services. 

With the design, we will present you with an itemized estimate for the project.  This is a time for us to discuss fine-tuning the scope and budget of the installation.

Our clients always have the ability to change portions of the project, be it individual plants or the scope (and cost) of a masonry wall.

When you decide to move forward with the project a deposit will be required.  After this, depending on the scope of the project, we may begin scheduling implementation or we may begin installation immediately.


After initial contact we will visit your property to assess your needs and desires.  We will discuss specific issues and needs as well as frequency of visits.  You may only need us twice a year or you may want us to come every week.  You may want to pick out annuals and bulbs with us, or you may want us to make such decisions for you.  We happily accommodate whatever is comfortable for you.

Most of our maintenance clients enjoy working with us without a contract, but simply on an hourly basis.  While we don't generally make maintenance contracts with our clients we are happy to create one if it helps you in budgeting for the year, or in simplifying your life.

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