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Became a member of our crew in 2005 and has proven invaluable as working manager of our maintenance teams. Her creative eye and down-to-earth attitude make clients and employees alike confident and at ease.

Arrivedon the scene in 2011 as an expert in garden care.  She is both meticulous and knowledgeable in her work.  In her spare time she runs the radio-blog “What’s it to ya?"

Has been with us since 2003, and finds landscaping a good antidote for being a musician. He is a founding member of the band “Devil on Horseback,” and has gained reknown as a delta blues guitarist with his duo the “Jinx Brothers.”

Joined us in 2012 and with his great bank of experience has become an integral part of our team.  His knowledge of both hardscape and softscape is invaluable, as is his straight-forward, no-nonsense style.

Joined us in 2012.  A native of Puerto Rico, his indomitable spirit and boundless energy keeps us all motivated.

Is at his best when taking on the big jobs: masonry, large plantings and installations. He has a great eye for space and pitch, and a dynamic, non-stop personality. He has been with us since 2001.

Has been working with us for many years. He loves the outdoors and especially enjoys the simple gardening tasks. At home he grows exotic plants from seed and has a successful vegetable garden that he shares, begrudgingly, with the local wildlife. He lives in Belmont with his wife, Stephanie.

Began working in landscaping in 1981 to earn extra money while studying for her Master’s in Fine Arts at the Museum School.  She gradually built her business from a one-person operation to the business it is today.  Widely recognized as one of the Boston Areas most talented designers, she has appeared on PBS’ “Victory Garden,” as well as HGTV’s “Landscaper’s Challenge.”  Her and Stephen currently live in Waltham with their two boys, Henry and Endrias.

Became our office guru in 2005. She keeps the books and organizes the sea of papers that we would otherwise drown in. This is just a moonlighting assignment for her, though, as she and her husband are owners of the Harvard Square fixture, Shay's Pub.

Owns our company with Pascale (and is her husband). He joined us in 2001 after wearying of office life. He does much of our pruning and is also in charge of our latest project: growing our own native perennials and annuals.

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