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Pascale was born and raised in Bavaria where she spent many childhood weekends at her grandmother’s garden, picking flowers and eating fruit straight off the trees. At the age of twenty she moved to the United States to pursue her Fine Arts Degree at the MFA Museum School. During her studies in painting and sculpture she began to experiment with gardening and small landscaping jobs. This hobby slowly developed into a vocation.

After twenty years of working professionally in landscaping, Pascale’s passion remains with the comfortable and edible beauty of her grandmother’s garden, but is accented by her studies in color and form at the Museum School, and her later studies in Asian and European gardens.

To Pascale, the best design is a marriage between the existing landscape and the client’s tastes; her job is simply to bring the two together with a perfect match of plants, masonry, water features and light.

Currently, Pascale lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with her husband, Stephen and boys Henry and Endrias.


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